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Sofia southern ring road

Sofia - Down Town

Wide Leafy Boulevards
SOFIA AIRPORT is located in the city.

Over 25 airlines fly in and out of Sofia Airport with daily flights linking Sofia to all the main European cities. Both traditional airlines as well as low-cost carriers offer daily flights. For more information visit Sofia airport website

A bus line operates between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. all year round. A single ticket costs 0.50 leva /0.25 EUR/. Tickets are sold at the kiosk at the bus stop. Allow 30 to 40 minutes to reach the city, depending on traffic.

Taxis in the airport are "regulated" and there are only companies that are allowed to service the airport :"OK Taxi and "91280". The fare to the city center should be about 10-12 leva. Please remember, we are happy to arrange for collection.

Sofia has an efficient public transport system that consists of buses, trolleys, trams, subway line. The public transport operates from 5AM to about 12AM. Bus Guide

Mini-buses: These will stop if you just wave a hand and usually are fast way to get around. Prices are 1,50 leva (about 0,75 euro).

Taxis: In Sofia are yellow. Taxis can be caught on the streets or ordered by phone. Mostly fast and reliable. A drive inside Sofia will rarely exceed 10lv.

On Foot: Culture, shopping, clubbing ... The hubub of Sofia's town centre is mostly central and boulevards and streets are a pleasure to walk
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If you plan to stay longer than a weekend, hiring a car is an option. Our apartment has plenty of parking space out front. The traffic in Sofia can be little daunting but outside of the city this isn't an issue.

Min Age: 18 but 23 to rent a car
Speed Limit in town: 50km
Out: 50km, Motorways: 120km

When drivers flash their lights at you, move out of the way.

Driving is on the right. Wear you seatbelt - do not use your phone.

Trams have always priority.

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