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The Russian Church

Traditional Pottery
Sofia lies at the foot of Vitosha Mountains and is within easy reach of the city with regular buses to the cabin (ski) lift in Simeonovo.

In summer it is a wonderful places for hiking, picnics and the beautiful countryside. In Winter it is a popular ski destinations where prices are well below tose of other European destinations. Several other mountains surround Sofia Plana and Ljulin and these are well worth a visit in all seasons.

Boyana Village lies only 8 km. south of the city centre in the outskirts of Vitosha, The small Church of Boyana is a world heritage with frescoes stemming back to the 13c. Whilst here visit the Boyana waterfall (1h-1.5h climbing) and look at Sofia from above.

To the east of Sofia are two golf courses — in Elin Pelin (St Sofia club) and in Ihtiman (Air Sofia club) as well as a horseriding club (St George club).

About 15km south of Sofia on the way to Borovets resort in Rila mountain lies Lake Pancharevo, too good to miss. The lake is 5km long and great for water sports like rowing, surfing, water skiing with paddle boats for hire. Around the lake are several hiking trails and park areas with cafes and restaurants, some with hot mineral springs.

For venturing out even further take the TransBalkan Express for an unforgettable scenic railroad trip. Maybe travel to the famous Rose Festival where the famous rose oil is produced, better known as 'liquid gold of Bulgaria'. A fantastic trip, only a few hours by road or by train.
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Rose Festival
Within 40km from Sofia more than 40 functional monasteries can be foud. The majority dating back to the 13th century. The main cultural & historical cloisters are huddled in the mountains around Sofia and many are open to visitors. All are full of history and culture and exquisite examples of art & architecture.
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Bulgarian folk costume are the garments worn in the villages until the beginning of the 20th century. These garments were hand made with materials that were produced locally.

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