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Sofia's excellent transport connections make it a good base for exploring western Bulgaria. Some suggested excursions are described. It is also possible to visit as a day trip, although there is enough to see there to make it worth a longer visit.

Within a daytrip lie the western Balkan Mountains where one of the destinations lies the village of Lakatnik and The IskÔr Gorge, a famous climbing region with white cliffs and huge caverns favoured by mountaineers.

Closer still to Sofia, huddled in the Mountains lies Koprivshtitsa, a small Bulgarian town full of character. The cobblestone streets are lined with colourful houses with unique architecture, numerous crafts shops and small museums.

Even the Sunshine Coast of Burgas on the Black Sea is only 4hours by train, a well worth trip to Sunny Beach at the end.

Bulgaria has so much to offer. Culture, traditions, folklore, local arts & crafts, a delicious cuisine, famous wines. The list is endless.

Our apartments are an ideal 'home from home'. Safe and modern located in a residential area and at such an affordable price that you could leave the city attractions of Sofia and use our apartment as a base to explore Bulgaria on a day or weekend trip.

You will fall in love - that we can promise!
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Gourmets agree Bulgarian cuisine is spicy and varied & very tasty.
Grilled meats with piquant sauces, delicious vegetarian dishes, mouthwatering pastries and pies, crusty breads. Honey & walnut pancakes ....

Bulgaria is one of the world's largest wine producers: Delicate whites Dimyat, Misket and Riesling and full reds such as Merlot, Cabernet and Gamza.

The invention of Bulgarian Yoghurt goes back to 4000 B.C. 'Kiselo Mlyako' is not just healthy it actually makes you live longer!
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